Panel Track Blinds
Panel track blinds offer a versatile solution for larger windows or as a room divider.  Each panel rides on an individually
wheeled carrier for effortless operation and contemporary styling.  The ultra-slim headrail can stand alone or add
a valance to complete the look.  Origami is a synthetic fabric with medium view-thru that is woven to look like a natural woven shade.
Ranks 3 out of 5 on the room darkening scale.

Fabric and Aluminum Vertical Blinds Overview

Vertical blinds combine beauty, easy maintenance and excellent light control with a rich variety of textures, colors and patterns. Vertical blinds can be opened by rotating the vanes or drawing them away from the window to provide an open view to the outside.

You can also select Verticals in the following materials:

PVC Vinyl or Aluminum Verticals

Window Designer Vertical Blind systems are among the best in the industry when it comes to performance and reliability. The unique design is a hybrid derived from combining two of the last centuries' most popular systems ("Permalign" system and the "Self-aligning" system) into one...a system for the new millennium. The traditional Permalign system had a flaw. Once a carrier became misaligned it required tools to realign it. Not an easy task. The self-aligning system was the answer to this problem. Ironically its problem was that it would misalign easily (it took an average of 3 lbs of torque to misalign) although it was then easily realigned by simply ratcheting the self-aligning clutch. We took the best of both systems and combined it into a Permalign system with a self-aligning clutch. Our double worm gear carrier requires an average of 11 to 14 lbs of torque to misalign thus creating a Permalign system.

The *Baton (strongly recommended for child safety) and Cord-n-Chain gears are equipped with a self-aligning clutch so in the unlikely event that a carrier should misalign a simple tug on the chain or twist of the wand will re-align it.

Our headrail is one of the industry's toughest. It has a 45 gauge wall thickness, which is about 15% greater than the industry norm.

Our vertical blind carrier boasts of a double worm gear (Permalign) and a Polycarbonate stem which is virtually indestructible and resists the sun's Ultra Violet Rays so it will not become dry and brittle like conventional plastic carriers.


* Smooth and Textured Patterns

* Superior heavy-duty headrail and mechanisms

* No extra charge for Split Stack option

* Free matching valance

* Baton/Wand control option for child and pet safety at no extra charge

* Lifetime Limited Warranty

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