Woods Blinds Overview

Like fine furniture, wood blinds add a special touch of warmth and rich, natural beauty to any room. They are available in 1", 2", 2 5/8", and 3" wide slat sizes, in a full range of finishes.

Choose from 3 styles of lifting systems to raise your window coverings. Standard lift and tilt features, optional continuous cord loop and cordless systems that combine shade control while enhancing safety for children by eliminating dangling cords.

To reduce glare and maximize light control select from the routless option that conceals the route holes through which the control cords run or cloth tapes that not only cover route holes but can also add the finishing touch to your window's decor.


Faux Wood Blinds Overview

Faux wood blinds are classified either as a Composite, which is a blend of PVC and wood pulp or as PVC, which is an extruded PVC plastic. They can be opened or closed by tilting the slats for light control and privacy.  These blinds have the look and feel of wood but are are lower in price, heavier in weight, available in limited colors, and require a greater number of ladders to support their less rigid slats.


These blinds are available in 2-inch and 2 1/2-inch slat sizes, in a limited range of colors and wood tones, along with a wide selection of decorative woven cloth tapes, valance and cornice options. The slats are available in a variety of shapes including traditional flat, crown (arched), S-curve, and interlocking

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